Positivity Warehouse Chakra Bracelet Jewelry
Positivity Warehouse Chakra Bracelet Jewelry
Positivity Warehouse Chakra Bracelet Jewelry

Seven Chakra Bracelet

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Chakra Beaded Bracelet:

This beautiful and colorful bracelet is a burst of energy, as it represents the seven chakras which are our energy and power points. It’s an ancient belief that chakras are the energy centers in our body and only when all the chakras are open and united, will you achieve true physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual balance.

Each chakra is symbolized by its unique color in this bracelet with marble-like prints on the beads. For example, the solid red beads represent the root chakra, the purple beads represent the crown chakra, the sky-blue beads represent the throat chakra, the green beads represent the heart chakra, the brown beads represent the sacral chakra, the fiery orange & yellow beads represent the solar plexus chakra, and the indigo blue beads represent the third-eye chakra. Each color is separated by a delicate silver separator to clearly distinguish each chakra and its mesmerizing beauty. This stylish bracelet is great for a casual day out, work, or even a party! Get your chakra beaded bracelet today and represent full body & soul balance!   


  • Beaded bracelet with colors representing the seven chakras
  • Colors are separated with a delicate silver separator
  • Purple beads: the crown chakra
  • Indigo blue beads: the third-eye chakra
  • Sky blue beads: the throat chakra
  • Green beads: the heart chakra
  • Red beads: the root chakra
  • Fiery yellow & orange beads: the solar plexus chakra
  • Brown beads: the sacral chakra  


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